Economic Development

Continue making substantial inroads into our City debt, while preparing for the future.

Encourage business development and support our local businesses.

Follow the Comprehensive Plan developed by our citizen Planning Commissioners that provides direction and proposes resources for sustainable development.

Support downtown walkability and accessibility.

Encourage more tourists to come to our area and use our tourism taxes wisely.

Encourage eco-tourism. Local businesses and environmental groups could create planned events where tourists visit some or several aspects of our environment and help us maintain them.

Join our strategic partners to bring back the Ocean Shores / Westport Ferry.

Our Environment

Preserving our dunes, trees, wildlife and wetlands during times of growth, while honoring individual property rights. It is a fine balance.

Protect the Weatherwax property and use the wetland mitigation bank.

Support building the High Dune trail and firebreak through the dunes with grants.

Protect our environment while allowing property owners to enjoy their homes and property.

Protect our coastline and ocean resources.

Keep our beaches and streets clear of litter.

Develop the best responses we can afford to storm, earthquake, and tsunami events.

Protect our abundant existing parks, open spaces and wildlife.


Don't waste our time on expensive programs like Community Paramedics and Urgent Care Facilities which are out of reach for our current size and income capacity.

Encourage new small clinics.

Be the warm charming community where healthcare providers want to locate.

Fresh Waterways

Enhance our storm drainage system and work on the North Grand Canal Park.

Take reasonable steps to ensure a healthier habitat for fish in our lakes and waterways by working with property owners to discourage weeds, limit sediment, and lawn care runoff.

Seek new affordable ways to enhance our lakes and canals.


Last year I proposed a summer weekend mini-bus in the business district that would cut down on the traffic and parking issues but Council was not ready to fund this.

Making downtown more walkable, sidewalks and crosswalks a must.

The two-lane State roads outside of town are the real challenge, not just for summer congestion but also for emergencies. We are a low priority on the State's planning cycle.


Ocean Shores has a beautiful unique landscape, forming the basis for recreation, tourism, and the city's ability to attract and retain businesses, as well as being an amazing environment in which to live.  Yet, with growth come change and challenges.

My leadership is respected throughout the State of Washington. I've worked hard to develop relationships so that we have a voice in the issues that affect us.


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