What we have accomplished in the 8 years
that Crystal has been your Mayor

It took strength and working with one another but . . .

    Together we have raised our General Fund reserve to over $1.5 million dollars

    Together we have paid off the $2.2 million inter-fund loan debt

Crystal didn't shirk when the going was tough. She saved our taxpayers' money when she:

    Took the Mayor's job for $12,000/yr for the first two years when things were very tight. As they got better, she asked for and was given a raise to $48,000 a year.. (The former City Manager and strong Mayors made $98,000 a year, as did the City Manager before that.)

    Took on the Public Works Director job for over 2 years with no additional compensation. (The prior Public Works Director made over $100,000 a year in salary and benefits.)

    Drafted legal documents and negotiated our union agreements rather than using expensive attorney' hours

    Consolidated employee positions in response to the lingering recession

    Opened-up better communications within the community by building a new City website, sharing Council and City news twice-monthly radio shows on KOSW in town and once a month on KBKW Coffee Talk, writing a monthly Mayor's Report in the Ocean Observer, and meeting with the public every Tuesday and as requested

    Developed relationships: bringing Ocean Shores closer to all levels of government from federal to local, and including the Quinault Indian Nation

Crystal works closely with our staff and proposed a budget each year which was approved with only slight modifications by our City Council:

    Saved funds to build the Water Plant Cover in 2016, as promised

    Expanded our water delivery system by adding a very good new well and a control well

    Focused on paying off debt and building reserves

Crystal worked with the City Council to:

    Sell the old permit office building and fire station and other City-owned properties, not only bringing in over $600,000 but putting these properties back on the tax rolls

    Repair the headworks at the Wastewater Treatment Plant responding to long-term acid formation that eroded the cement walls back to the rebar in some areas and generally eroded the surface making is more susceptible to further damage

    Double our capacity to haul sewer solids away. Council authorized $25,000 to purchase and license a pup trailer. We are only allowed a limited amount of stored solids in the Wastewater Treatment Plant lagoons

    Make sure that staff had the required training and certifications for their positions and to work in the environment their jobs require

    Open-up a new well that alone looks to produce more water per hour than we've ever had.

    Enact many, many ordinances, resolutions and agreements intended to make City government not only comply with the law but run more smoothly and efficiently, collect fees from those who use our services and create a more vibrant community

Crystal worked as a team with our great staff to:

    Save our taxpayers over $2 million by refinancing long-term debts

    Turn the new Fire Station into a multi-use City building housing non-fire personnel as well as our Fire/EMS crew

    Encourage the development of Oyhut Bay, increasing not just property taxes but building permit fees, excise tax, and sales tax, and impact fees for fire, police and the library, as well as adding local jobs

    Work in harmony with the County to develop a sewer treatment partnership for Illahee & Oyehut. The aging septic systems in that area must be replaced with a sewer system to avoid contamination of shellfish beds and our downstream lakes and canals in Ocean Shores

    Work closely with State agencies on many, many large and small projects

    Make our City a safer place to work both to benefit our employees and to protect from lawsuits

    Upgrade our computer and telephone systems; began fully using the Springbrook financial software

    Hold regular half-yearly excess property sales

    Support the Weatherwax Mitigation Land Bank which is completed

    Rebid purchasing contracts and piggy-back on larger cities' buying powers to achieve higher purchasing savings

    Encourage stream-lining of all efforts and processes for greater savings

Current Projects and Efforts - All Grant Funded:

We've brought in about $10 million in grant funding this past 5 years to
*    built the new Razor Clam bridge
*    supported seven new firefighter positions for two years, then hired then full-time
*    working to identify wetlands in the dunes and build firebreak trails for the public
*    added a Safe Route to School trail south from Ocean Lake Way to Taurus
*    upgraded the airport and working on environmental permitting for more work
*    work on the Weatherwax Wetland Mitigation Land Bank
*    test our fresh waterways so that we understand better how to work with them
*    purchased a new fire engine (delivery 2019)
*    started an effort to eradicate scotch broom in the dunes  

We've also received amost $800,000 this year from the State Legislature for the proposed Tsunami Tower, to help with erosion at the sewer plant, and to help build the High Dune Trail.

Plus, we just received notice of an additional High Dune Trail award 9/19.

Our Convention Center activities have grown in attendance every year with several new events coming onboard, including the Superheroes and the Barber Shop Quartet Competition, and old favorites like Sand and Sawdust, Beachcombers Fun Fair, and the Razor Clam Festival returning.

2016-2019 Statistics

$25 million, Debt & Interest paid-off, including LID (2016-2019)

4.6% Lodging Tax Growth (2016-2019)

16% increase in 2019 Traffic Count (at 4.9 million 2018 was all time high)

~400 homes built (2016-2018)

~500 lots cleared (2016-2018)

650-700 new full-time residents (population up 11% 2016-2018)

16% Sales tax revenues rose to $929,575 from 2015's level of $801,720 (2015-2018)

11% B & O Tax up to $228,959 (2016-2018)

6.1% Fire/EMS (2015-2018): 1,853 EMS incidents with 1,205 transported to the hospital);
394 fire incidents; 628 multiple calls (2, 3, or 4 calls at a time)

9.3 % Police calls up (2015-2018):: 468 traffic citations; 773 beach incidents; 411 class "a" crimes (assault, burglary, etc.); 2,388 crime watch volunteer hours

18% Real Estate Excise Tax rose to $206,861 from $174,860 (2015-2018):
68% increase in sales of City properties; 47 properties sold; foreclosure property sale revenue $479,418 (2015-2018)


·    Applied for FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation Funds for a Vertical Evacuation Tower &
         set-aside $1.2 million
·    Developed Kids Summer Fun program with School District
·    Refinanced Sewer & Water GO Bonds
·    City produced a video informational piece on Transportation Benefit District
·    Updated of Lodging Tax Advisory Committee rules
·    Hired City Administrator
·    Hired a grant writer / grant administrator
·    Hired a Human Resource Specialist
·    Created Council Code of Ethics
·    Completed Shoreline Master Plan
·    Completed Westport Ferry Inter-local (Development) Agreement
·    Developed City's Hazard Mitigation Plan
·    Passed Comprehensive Nuisance Ordinance
·    Approved adult entertainment business ordinance
·    Updated "dangerous animal" ordinance
·    Legalized UTVs on City streets
·    Developed Personnel Manual
·    US Army Corps of Engineers begins 10 year jetty rehabilitation: we worked hand-in-hand
         with our legislators, the Port, Ecology, Washington Sea Grant, the Governor's office,
         and others to make this a priority project for the Corps.
·    Used excess LID fund administrative funds to pay down debt
·    Rec'd $200,000 from the 2016 State legislature for the Coastal Resilience Coalition
·    Set financial goals and guidelines & voted for biennial budget instead of annual
·    Completed Weatherwax Mitigation Land Bank and developed Weatherwax stewardship
         program partnership with the Coastal Interpretive Center
·    In 2016 achieved $900,000 long-term savings by refinancing debts and paying-off
         wastewater portion of 2005 Carrillo lawsuit debt ($ 2.4 million)
·    Paid off the remaining inter-fund loan debts ($1.2 million)
·    Negotiated and signed 2016-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreements with the teamsters
         and 2017-2019 firefighters CBA with IAFF & renegotiating in 2019
·    Amended the North Beach Community Television agreement for the recording
         and broadcasting of city meetings and programs
·    Created KOSW radio agreement for broadcasting council meetings live
·    Negotiated with city-owned golf course management to repair golf course bridge
         over the Grand Canal
·    Authorized Golf Course Irrigation Improvement Bid
·    Repaired the Flag Pole at the entrance of the City
·    Treated weeds in Fresh Water Ways annually
·    Opposed oil trains and oil drilling offshore
·    Appointed several great volunteers to serve on City committees & commissions

·    Funded Council Contingency Fund
·    Added software to pay utilities with credit card
·    Had great state audits
·    Funded Council Contingency Fund

Convention Center
·    Hired Sales & Marketing manager & promoted to General Manager
·    Replaced generator & cover
·    Lodging Tax for the first time to fund other organizations
·    Replaced HVAC systems
·    Replaced dishes
·    Painted building inside and out
·    Cleaned roof
·    Repainted stripes in parking lot
·    Evaluated current operating procedures
·    Sand blasted and painted soffits around the perimeter of the Center building
·    Developed and set up an in-house Catering Department
·    Renegotiated several maintenance and supply contracts saving several thousands of
             dollars per year
·    Developed new Convention Center and Tourism Websites

·    Applied for and received funding for new Fire Engine 2018
·    Retained our fire rating to keep citizens' fire insurance, keeping costs low
·    Hired 7 firefighter/EMTs with FEMA Funds for 2 year & full-time thereafter
·    Added a Fire Investigator position
·    Approved firefighters informational video with North Beach TV
·    Upgraded the "hulk" to carry water for dune firefighting
·    Continued planning & initial work on the South Fire Station
·    Purchased ambulance and new Chief's vehicle
·    Promoted Fire Chief, Captain & Lieutenant from within

·    Eliminated the $0.27 per thousand per property-value levy, bringing the
         Library back into the General Fund
·    Increased Library budget at request of Library Board
·    Approved the Library expansion design
·    Repaired the Library Parking Lot
·    Began library expansion with FOL funds from bequeathments

·    Approved 5 Year Parks and Recreation Plan
·    Repaired North Bay Park structures
·    Approved funds to plan North Grand Canal Park
·    Increased budget to continue improvements on Parks
·    Began studying dog park development

·    Purchased replacement police vehicles
·    Participated with army reserve in the Cascadia Rising Disaster Preparedness event
         (fire and police personnel)
·    Purchased drones for police use in search and rescue, investigations, etc.
·    Added fencing to building & replaced door lock system
·    Repaired the Police parking lot
·    Promoted Assistant Police Chief to Chief and Police officers to Sergeant internally
·    Installed new fencing & door locks
·    Currently advertising Deputy Chief position

Public Works
·    WWTP clarifier re-coating
·    Culvert Replacements
·    Authorized Erosion Analysis (WWTP)
·    Reservoir Floor Repairs
·    Greensand Manway Hatch Repairs
·    Began NE Grand Canal Park Restoratio
·    Installed Damon Pt. Parking (incl. ADA)
·    Reinstated Spring Cleanup
·    Rehabilitated & repurposed building at wastewater treatment plant
·    Reviewed and approved new SeaMar and Ace Hardware facilities   
·    Replaced Razor Clam Bridge (entirely grant funded)
·    Added several AHAB sirens
·    Received grant for Safe routes to school Ocean Lake Way to Taurus & built it, including
             new bicycles for the Ocean Shores Elementary School
·    Worked with army corps of engineers to place emergency shoreline armoring
·    Installed sand fencing to minimize beach erosion under WA Sea Grant funding
·    Completed 5-year water system plan
·    Completed new water treatment plant building
·    Implemented storm-water development regulations
·    Completed negotiations with the Quinault Indian Nation on Casino wastewater collection
·    Began treatment of Illahee/Oyehut wastewater using new county collection system
·    Completed Kahkwo Ct. Water Main Extension Small Works Project
·    Opened Well #14
·    Repaired Vacuum Station #2
·    Approved and broke ground for Collection System Structure Project
·    Approved Building No. 1 Rehabilitation Project
·    Approved Wetland Delineation and Topographic Survey for High Dune Trail Phase 1
·    Pavement Settlement Repair Project ongoing
·    Central water tank recoating project completed
·    Developed a Road repair plan

Information Technology (IT)
·    Introduced web-based utility payment system
·    Rebid and selected less expensive IT service provider
·    Upgraded IT equipment for greater efficiency

·    Completed repairs and maintenance on airport runways under grant
·    Applied for grant to make environmental upgrades
·    Worked with Advisory Board to make various repairs
·    Received significant airport grant

Did You Notice: New Businesses & Commercial Buildings
·    Marijuana store opened
·    Ace Hardware built and opened new store
·    Drug Store under construction
·    New restaurants opened
·    New meat & cheese store
·    New small grocery at Oyhut Bay


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